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Meg. 16 Years Young. Im a bit of a dweeb ;) I love: Kingdom Hearts. Anime. Soul Eater. Fairy Tail. Blue Exorcist. Nabari. Death Note. High School Of The Dead. Harry Potter. Glee. Photography. Sucker Punch.
Im a tad addicted to Fanta Fruit Twist and Bagels ;) Literally, its all I eat.
Love Pokemon from the old days. I reblog whatever I want.
Because of health issues i cant do much i really want to do and i know what its like to have no control in what crap happens.
but i have a list, and when all my medical bullshit disappears
(Which it better)
i have a list of all the awesome things i have to do that i've missed out on.

A New Member To The Family??

I have been complaining about life being of excitement back!! And I might even save a life!! 
We (Me, Mum and Jed—> My friend) were driving to my brothers when I said, ‘SHIT ITS A DEAD CAT!!’ mum reversed and we took a look from the car… turns out it wasn’t dead!! But it did look a bit pathetic laying in the bush giving us the evils. We go to my brothers and look for a box. We come back to the spot and the cat is still laying there. We get out and chase it up the road and see how skinny it was and its got a bad back leg and snot running out its nose, it runs through a fence and under a bush. We throw cheese… steak…. butter….. cat food (We had just gone shopping and the steak was from pastry) Finally we coax it out from the bush with cat food mixed with butter and block the entrance from the fence then i go to get out the car to help but turns out mum has left child lock on so Jed is pushing me into the drivers seat and out the door and i grab a blanket and a laundry basket and run other to join mum. It seemed pretty harmless but as mum went to get it, it started climbing up the fence and I could hear Jed from the car, ‘GRAB HIM MEG!! GRAB HIM!!!’.
With my hands i ripped him off the fence, put him in mums blanket how put him in the laundry basket.. we must’ve looked so dodgy. When i picked him up…. he was sooo skinny and all his fur was mattered. But when we got him inside, he didn’t seem scared of us… we where stroking him and everything and he didn’t try to attack us either… I dont care if he had an owner because they where doing a terrible job >:(
Now he’s in mums room chilling out after gulping up some cat milk and food :)

He/she was probably a christmas present :( Remember everyone!! A cat’s for life, not just for christmas.

He/she has the most beautiful eyes. 

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